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Where can I get skates sharpened?


Specializing in Figure Skates.  

116 Second Avenue, Moncton, NB

Call or text: 506-229-3476 for an appointment


Maritime Source for Sports (for figure skates ask for Joel):

242 Lewisville Road, Moncton, NB



Bob's Sporting Services (good for Pre-Can/CanSkate):

242 Coverdale Road, Riverview, NB


Skate Information/Fitting Information

  • Proper fitting skates are essential to your skaters progress and comfort level.
  • Do not buy skates with the intention of "growing into them" 
  • Skaters in Pre-Can and CanSkate can wear figure skates or hockey skates.
  • Moulded plastic skates should be avoided.  They are not flexible and make it difficult for skaters to bend their knees and push off.  
  • A leather boot is preferable to vinyl.
  • Keep your ice skates dry. After taking them off, wipe the blade and underside of the boot to dry them out. To avoid the rust, store them with dry soakers on the blades.  Do not store them with plastic guards on them.
  • Good quality second hand skates can often be purchased from places like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.