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Information for Parents of Figure Skaters


Suggested Figure Skating Gear


  • Figure skates: Found at most sports stores.  For more tips on choosing the right skate, visit our Pre-Can and CanSkate information page.
  • Skate guards: Used when your skater is walking in their skates but not yet on the ice, protects the blades from debris on the ground
  • Soakers/soft guards: Used when transporting skates to and from the rink
  • Skate towel: A small towel to wipe the blades after getting off the ice
  • Thin socks: There are lots of options if you search online, but a popular brand that you can buy locally is Thinees
  • Comfy clothes: Things that your skater can move in, like leggings or sweatpants.  Sweaters should not have hoods.
  • Headband: When your skater first starts to skate without a helmet, you may wish to have them wear a concussion headband.  These can be found at local sports stores.
  • Gloves: To keep hands warm and protected
  • Carrying bag: The best ones have room for everything!


Did you know that figure skates are sharpened differently than hockey skates?

While there are lots of great places to sharpen hockey skates, only a few are trained to handle figure skates. 

In the greater Moncton area:   

  •  Joel at Maritime Source for Sports: 242 Lewisville Rd, (506) 858-8421 
  • Eric Gilles (by appointment): call or text 506-229-3476, Second Ave Moncton
  • Skate-Fast: 382 Ammon Rd, (506) 382-5772