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Welcome to CanSkate & Pre-CanSkate

Learn to Skate Lessons for Ages 3 & Up!


Pre-CanSkate is for beginner skaters ages 3 to 5.  In their fun 30 minute sessions, skaters will learn how to get up and down, how to balance and move forward, to move backwards and stop.  Once these skills have been accomplished, skaters will work on CanSkate Stage 1 & 2 while remaining with our Pre-Can group.

CanSkate is for beginner skaters and up who are ages 6 and over and/or for skaters aged 3-5 who have passed CanSkate Stage 2.

  CanSkate consists of 6 stages which all contain a balance, agility & control portion. Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

JumpStart is for skaters who have passed Stage 4 or 5 of the CanSkate program and who wish to continue with Figure Skating. If your child is interested in joining our jumpstart program, please contact us at

CSA Approved Helmets are Mandatory

for Canskate & Precanskate and Jumpstart for skaters working on stage 5



All sessions are held at the Byron Dobson Arena (55 Biggs Drive, Riverview NB)

Session in September early fall season are all held in the LOWER rink

Sessions on Monday and Wednesday are held in the UPPER rink.

Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday are held in the LOWER rink.

Skaters are to get ready on the Bleachers.  

Session Dates

Early Fall - Early September to Mid October (5 weeks)

Fall - Mid October to December (10 weeks)

Winter - January to March (10 weeks)

Spring - April to May (5 weeks)

Registrations normally open 2 to 6 weeks before the start of each session


How to Register


Registration is all done online.  Typically we open the registration for a new session 4 to 6 weeks prior to the start date.

Payments can be made online by credit card or paid by e-transfer.  If you have been approved by Riverview Pro-Kids or Canadian Tire JumpStart, please put a note on your invoice indicating this.

click to register

Can Parents Go On the Ice?

No, due to insurance regulations parents are not permitted on the ice in any of our programs. We ask parents to watch their children from the stands. This allows our coaches to have the complete attention of the skaters. Our Skate Canada certified professional coaches have many years of experience coaching young skaters and are well equipped to take care of your child during their skating session.

How Do Badges Work?

The CanSkate program focuses on the development of six fundamental movements: GO forward, GO backwards, STOP, TURN, SPIN and JUMP. These are organized into six stages of learning. The skills are arranged in progressions, from very simple to the more complex. Once the skills for each stage are mastered, a badge is earned. Badges are given out at the end of the session, with the report card. Each stage consists of three skills; Control, Balance and Agility.  The names of the badges are:  Ribbons are handed out periodically throughout the session as they are earned.

Stage 1 - Balance

Stage 2 - Glide Forward

Stage 3 - Glide Backward

Stage 4 - Edges

Stage 5 - Power

Stage 6 - Speed



Do I have to pay the Skate Canada Fee?

Skate Canada is the national sport organization for skating. As a Skate Canada sanctioned club, Riverview Skating Club must register all skaters with Skate Canada. The membership fee is currently $58.65 + $10.00 Skate Canada New Brunswick Fee and covers the period from September 1 to August 31.

Once you have paid the annual membership fee in one season (e.g., fall), you will not need to pay it again until September 1. Note that Skate Canada requires each skater to pay the membership fee within each September 1 to August 31 period; thus, depending on the time of year when you pay your membership fee, it may lapse before a 12-month period.

What Equipment Does My Skater Need?


CSA Approved Helmets are Mandatory!

Skaters all progress at different rates.  As your skater passes the requirements for each level, they will start working on the next level requirements.  You can track your childs progress through your Uplifter account as your report cards and evaluations are updated.

Who Coaches CanSkate & Pre-CanSkate.

Certified NCPP Coaches coach, and are assisted by our  trained Program Assistants.